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DermDoc pH Rebalance Intimate Wash with 1.2% Lactic Acid (120 ml)

DermDoc pH Rebalance Intimate Wash with 1.2% Lactic Acid (120 ml)

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Every part of you deserves the right treatment, and your intimate area is no exception. DermDoc Intimate Wash with Lactic Acid is here to give your intimate areas the extra care it deserves, keeping the discomfort at bay. Formulated with 1.5% Lactic Acid, this extra delicate wash is created to gently clean the intimate zone. Along with cleansing, it maintains the natural pH balance, fights bacteria growth, and minimizes the itchiness and unpleasant odour. Results? Healthy, odour free, soft natural protection that keeps you fresh round the clock.

Let the expert take care of your intimate discomfort with DermDoc Intimate Wash with Lactic Acid. Formulated with 1.5% of Lactic Acid, it is the key, natural antimicrobial ingredient that rebalances and maintains the natural and acidic pH, the same kind that the body produces and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Chamomile Extract serves as a soothing flower that heals and calms itchiness and irritation. Sea Buckthorn offers a non-estrogen solution to intimate dryness by stimulating the vaginal tissue integrity thereby improving its elasticity and moisture. Tea Tree, due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, treats infection and keeps it moisturised. This Intimate Wash is 100% Soap Free with a pH of 3.5 that restores the pH balance and washes of the itchiness, irritation and unpleasant odour with a dash of gentility, keeping your intimate flora fresh, clean and healthy all day


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