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DermDoc pH Rebalance Face Serum For Sensitive Skin (15 ml)

DermDoc pH Rebalance Face Serum For Sensitive Skin (15 ml)

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Dehydrated, uneven, dry skin is a recurring problem if not treated from the root. DermDoc pH Rebalance Face Serum, charged with Amino Acids acts gently on the skin. It toughens the skin barrier so that external aggressors like pollutants, dirt and impurities are unable to enter the it and cause damage. This lightweight serum, spreads evenly onto the skin, travels deep within and keeps skin’s pH balance intact while also keeping it hydrated and healthy.

The skin is gifted with a certain pH level. When this level is disturbed and the skin’s pH balance is thrown off-course, it suffers. We notice it as redness, itchiness, fine lines, wrinkles etc. So it is extremely important that the skin’s pH level is maintained. DermDoc pH Rebalance Face Serum is powered with Amino Acids which are charged with 2% Sodium PCA and 2% Hydroxyethylurea. This helps protect the skin barrier fortifying it from harmful dirt, grime and pollutants. The serum seals in the moisture and helps erase fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and flakiness. So go ahead, keep your skin hydrated, plump and healthy. 


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