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DERMDOC 20% Urea Foot Cream (20 g)

DERMDOC 20% Urea Foot Cream (20 g)

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Cracked heels need a permanent solution!
The best comfort for dry, rough heels comes from a soothing touch of care. At DermDoc, we made a promise to take care of your heels so you can go into the world with a walk of confidence. DermDoc 20% Urea Foot Cream is the perfect, effortless rescue for dry, itchy, bumpy soles.

Wondering what Urea even does? This amazing humectant turns scaly, parched skin to silky smooth by exfoliating dead cells and improving skin turnover!

DermDoc 20% Urea Foot Cream is loaded with an instant-action formula designed to reverse skin damage and prevent any further cracks. It deeply moisturizes heels, prevents water loss, and intensely nourishes skin, all while leaving no greasiness or stickiness behind!

Take every step to smoothness with DermDoc!

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