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DermDoc 100% Squalane Face Serum For Skin Nourishment & Hydration (10 ml)

DermDoc 100% Squalane Face Serum For Skin Nourishment & Hydration (10 ml)

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Hit pause to dry skin. DermDoc is here with its best-born active from the science world. DermDoc Squalane Face Serum is enriched with 100% pure and highly-concentrated Squalane that gives your skin a super-moisturized feel. This is a non-sticky, fast-absorbing, lightweight Face Serum that deeply nourishes your epidermis and makes the skin texture supple and smooth. It creates a protective seal between the skin's outer surface and the environment to retain moisture. The water-based DermDoc Squalane Serum glides smoothly, leaving the skin feeling exceptionally soft and hydrated.

Bring on a blast of moisturization with DermDoc 100% Squalane Face Serum for Dry Skin. Squalene (with an ‘e’) is a lipid that is naturally produced by our skin. As we age, its production starts to reduce, making the skin dry and rough. DermDoc Squalane is a plant-derived stabilized form of squalene that mirrors the skin’s natural moisture content. It's a hydrogenated skincare formulation that serves as an excellent emollient. It locks moisture into your skin, smoothens out dry patches and helps delay ageing. This gold-standard ingredient creates a waterproof shield to minimize water loss. DermDoc 100% Squalane Face Serum is non-comedogenic and eliminates the heavy, sticky feeling on your skin, making it an excellent choice for all skin types.

Get this perfect skincare addition to your routine for vibrant, youthful skin every day.

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