The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

Wedding season is upon us. Whether you are getting married this year, attending a close one’s wedding, or even just forcing yourself to show up to the nuptials of some distant family member, it’s important to look and feel your best these few months. 

Along with the stress of looking your best, the wedding season also brings with it pounds of makeup slathered onto your face for hours on end. This can throw even the best of skincare routines out of whack! 


If you are afraid of breakouts, dryness, tiredness and general loss of skin health this season, read on. DermDoc brings to you the ultimate guide to making sure your skin is in the best shape this season. 

Double Cleanse

This is key to making sure your skin is always clean even while being piled on with makeup! A lot of the time, a simple face wash or cleanser won’t do it. It’s important to double cleanse, a method perpetuated in Korean skincare. 

Double cleansing entails cleansing using an oil-based cleanser in order to break down the dirt and makeup, as well as to thoroughly unclog your pores at the end of a tiring day, followed up by a water-based cleanser which will help break down the leftover oil-based cleanser residue as well as any other substances. 

When we say oil-based cleanser, we are referring to cleansing oils, cleansing balms and micellar waters. All of these attract the dirt, makeup, and other elements on the outer surface of the skin and help remove most of it. 

By following it up with a water-based cleanser, we are effectively washing off all of these impurities as well as the residue of the oil-based cleanser itself. 

We recommend the DermDoc Glowing Face Wash with Alpha Arbutin as a water-based cleanser for your double cleanse. It isn’t dehydrating and ensures your skin is glowing and in its best shape throughout the season. 


Keeping your skincare as simple as possible during this extra-busy season in terms of makeup and exhaustion is more important than ever. 

Makeup tends to dry your face out, and considering the weather is getting colder, the dry skin is difficult to get rid of and definitely not a good look for anyone. 

Moisturisation through some extra TLC is the need of the hour. If you are looking for a good moisturiser for the season, we recommend the DermDoc pH Rebalance Face Cream with 0.5% Hyaluronic Acid. 

Your skin has a natural pH, which, if you know the basics of chemistry, you know needs to be maintained if it has to continue to be healthy. 

With the amount of makeup that is layered onto the skin, no matter how well applied, there will be alterations in the pH. With a too alkaline or too acidic pH, the chances of flaky skin or acne both increase exponentially. 

Hyaluronic acid also helps lock in the moisture when it comes to hydration. The natural moisture created through the skin’s own oils should ideally be preserved and the moisture barrier between the skin and the outside world should be protected. Hyaluronic acid serves both of these purposes. 

Get That Extra Glow 

If you’re the bride– or even if you just want to shine, it’s a good idea to go that extra step to get a little bit of glimmer and glow to your look this wedding season. 

How can you make your skin glow naturally?

Tranexamic Acid 

This substance is generally used in modern medicine to help with bleeding from a wound or surgery. But, when used topically over the skin, tranexamic acid helps reduce hyperpigmentation to a very large extent. 

What this means is that you can kiss goodbye to any scars, dark spots, or tanning that may be lingering on your face. This will help you unlock your maximum glow capacity, and help you feel your most confident. 

Alpha Arbutin 

Alpha arbutin is a form of vitamin found naturally in the bearberry plant. When formulated for optimum absorption by the skin, it helps increase the rate of skin renewal and also helps reduce dark and inflamed spots on the skin. It is especially good for the ageing skin and for wrinkles, where it works its strongest magic and ensures that your skin glows. 

It also helps reduce the appearance of scars and acne marks, so it’s great for anyone with marks on their skin that they wish to reduce. Keep in mind, though, that alpha arbutin generally takes a few weeks to take effect, so if the event you are planning for is about a month away, we recommend you start applying this topically now! 

Alpha arbutin is something that can be used both as a daytime and a nighttime ingredient. Make sure that when you use it, it is always under a moisturiser (if PM) or sunscreen (if AM) to lock it in and make sure your skin is able to absorb it with minimum product loss. 

We recommend  the DermDoc 2% Alpha Arbutin Face Serum for anyone who wants to experiment with this ingredient over the wedding season. DermDoc reviews claim that it gets absorbed immediately, and gets rid of pigmentation over a period of time. It is also excellent for sensitive skin as it doesn’t disturb the skin’s pH levels and doesn’t cause breakouts. 

Use it twice a day, and in serum formulation, apply 2-4 drops all over your face, and then pat it in. 

While the wedding and festive season may be a stressful time for our skin, it should be an enjoyable period full of laughter, family and fun for us. In order to keep it as worry-free as possible and to avoid having any skin mishaps that make you feel any less than your absolute best, it’s important to take care of our skin and give it some extra care during this season. 

Hopefully these tips will help you stay healthy and stress-free during these next few months. Just remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest, and to keep glowing! 

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