Squalane Oil: Your go-to product for naturally moisturised skin!

Squalane Oil: Your go-to product for naturally moisturised skin!


We live in our skins, and yet, there is a lot we don’t know about it. One such component of the skin you may have never heard of is squalane oil. Squalane is a natural oil present in the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin.  

As we age, the production of this oil reduces, and the skin needs moisturisers to ward off dryness and early signs of ageing. While umpteen ingredients do a good job of keeping your skin moist, an interesting ingredient that has recently gained focus is squalane. So, what’s squalane, and how is it different from squalene? Read on to find out.


Squalene and squalane: how are the two different?


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Found naturally in your skin cells, squalane is a lipid that works as a natural moisturiser. With age, the production of this oil reduces. While it is at its peak in your teens, it slows down once you hit your 20s and 30s. This is why your skin suddenly starts feeling drier than it used to.  

However, apart from its presence in human skin, squalane oil is also found in nature; in rice bran, sugarcane, olives, and even shark livers. For it to be used in beauty products, squalene must be hydrogenated. Hydrogenation converts squalene, an unsaturated oil, to squalane, a saturated oil. This increases the shelf life of the product and makes it skin-friendly.  


What are the benefits of squalane oil?

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Squalane oil apes the skin's natural oils, and it has many benefits. When used regularly, products with squalane ingredients not only boost the production of collagen but make your skin look firmer and younger.  


A great moisturiser 

This lightweight moisturiser hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Being similar to the oil produced by the skin naturally, it works perfectly for your skin. It also softens the skin’s, leaving it soft and smooth.  

Reduces fine lines 

Free radicals can cause skin cell damage and break down collagen, leading to sagging skin and fine lines. Squalane is an antioxidant and can minimise wrinkles by fighting these free radicals.  

Soothes the skin 

Squalane oil can soothe irritation on your skin. This is because it contains fatty acids that not only nourish but also replenish your skin, relieving irritation. 

It's non-comedogenic 

Comedogenic substances can clog your skin pores, leading to infection and breakouts. As squalane is non-comedogenic, it is an excellent choice for your skin. 

Reduces dark spots 

Squalane has antioxidant properties. This helps to even your skin tone by reducing dark spots. As it also brightens your skin, you get an even complexion.  

Controls skin oil  

Squalane is much like the sebum in your skin. Your skin recognises it as its natural oil, thereby producing less of it. So, if you have oily skin, this is especially good for you.  

It is lightweight

Squalane oil is lightweight and ideal for your skincare routine. It moisturises your skin without leaving a greasy and heavy feel.  

It's a natural barrier

The antioxidant properties in squalane strengthen the natural barrier of your skin, protecting it from environmental factors, such as pollutants, that can damage the skin and accelerate ageing.  


Is squalane good for your hair too? 

Products with squalane ingredients work just as well on your hair when applied as a hair oil. Proper moisturising can prevent hair breakage and dryness. This natural substance replenishes your hair and protects it from damage due to heating tools and chemicals. All you need to do is massage a few drops of squalane oil into your scalp, like any other hair oil. You can rinse off the oil when you shampoo your hair.  


So how do you use this wonderful product in your skincare routine? Let's take a look. 


How to add squalane oil to your beauty regimen 


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Squalane oil works best as a daily skincare routine ingredient. Make sure you buy 100% pure squalane oil for better results. Your skincare routine may contain the following steps:


Step one- Cleanse your face with a face wash. For better results, opt for a chemical-free natural face wash. 

Step two- Apply a toner to your skin. A toner cleans any traces of oil or makeup that the face wash may have missed. 

Step three- Rub dabs on serum on your skin. We suggest you try DermDoc by Purplle 100% Pure Squalane Oil-based Face Serum for best results.  

Enriched with 100% pure and concentrated squalane oil, it thoroughly moisturises your skin. And as it is non-stick and lightweight, it is easily absorbed into the skin. The result is soft and gorgeously supple skin! 

Step four- Moisturise your face and body with DermDoc squalane moisturiser for dry skin. Moisturising is an essential part of your beauty routine, as your skin tends to dry due to factors such as the environment and ageing. Opt for a product that suits your skin type and contains natural products. We suggest DermDoc by Purplle Ceramides, Squalane and Vitamin E Deep Moisturising Crème Body Lotion. This fantastic product with squalane not only strengthens your skin barrier but treats dry skin and deeply moisturises it. Your skin becomes soft and smooth with regular use.  


Final thoughts

Many products with various beneficial ingredients are available in the market. But what makes squalane oil products stand out is that they are almost identical to the oil the skin produces. This makes squalane beauty products highly desirable, especially if you have a yen for natural products. Also, as there are no chances of side effects, it is a win-win situation.

For moisturisers and serums, you can visit DermDoc if you wish to purchase squalane-based products and other natural beauty products.

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