How To Prevent Tanning

How To Prevent Tanning

We all love soaking in the winter sun. Not to forget, sun-kissed pictures are a rage amongst youngsters. But with that comes the problem of skin damage, tanning and sunburns. Are you wondering how you can prevent tanning? Well, if you love basking in the sun but want to save yourself from the effects that follow, we have you covered. Keep reading and get yourself well-versed in ways that can help you prevent sun tan.


What Causes Tanning?


When we step out in the sun, our skin is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, namely the Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. UVA rays are known to cause ageing of the skin while UVB rays are known for burning the skin. Due to the action of these damaging rays, melanin production increases to protect the skin from the sun like a shield. This causes the skin to turn a bit darker which is perceived as tanning. 



Sunbathing can be an enjoyable experience.


How To Prevent Tanning?


As long as it does not damage your skin, tanning isn’t harmful but too much exposure to the sun can cause sunburns and reduce the elasticity of your skin which can lead to premature ageing. We have compiled a few ways that you can put to use to prevent sun tan.


  1. Exfoliation is the key

Exfoliating is one of the easiest ways to prevent sun tan. It facilitates the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Therefore, you can use a gentle exfoliator to get rid of any unwanted tanning. Besides fighting sun tan, exfoliation also helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime that penetrate the skin’s surface. Thus, your skin will be glowing and radiant.


The market is inundated with a plethora of exfoliating products. Before picking one for yourself, make sure that you check the ingredient list to avoid any harmful chemicals that may further damage your skin. You can opt for the DermDoc 2% Salicylic Acid Body Acne Treatment to exfoliate the body.


Exfoliating the skin is a very good practice.


  1. Replenish yourself with water

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. If you are someone who is wondering how to prevent tanning Indian skin, this is a tip you must follow. Drinking water not just helps in making the skin radiant but can also reverse the effects of tanning.


Water facilitates the repairing of skin cells, thereby replacing the dead ones. This in turn helps to prevent sun tan. Therefore, drinking enough water is an excellent habit you should inculcate in your daily life.


Drinking water has many benefits.


  1. Sunscreen is a must

The essentiality of sunscreen cannot be emphasized enough. Sunscreen is an integral step no matter what skin type or what skincare regime you have. Are you wondering how to prevent tanning of Indian skin? Well, sunscreen is your best friend.


Sunscreen helps in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It helps the skin to stay protected from UVA and UVB rays, thereby preventing skin cells from getting damaged due to burns. You should not just use sunscreen to prevent sun tan, but also to keep your skin safe and healthy. However, applying sunscreen once isn't enough. Make sure that you reapply your sunscreen after every 3-4 hours.


DermDoc has a good option in store for you. The UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Gel entails SPF 50 and PA+++ and is an amazing product by DermDoc to get your hands on. 


Ingredients That Prevent Sun Tan


Besides sunscreen and exfoliants, there are a few ingredients that you can incorporate into your skincare routine to prevent sun tan. We have a few options for you to explore and shop:


  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C encompasses antioxidants that are good for treating hyperpigmentation, tanning and dark spots. If you are wondering how to prevent tanning, you can opt for cleansers, moisturizers, serums and a lot more that contain Vitamin C. This ingredient not just helps in preventing tanning but can also work on reversing its effects to a considerable extent.


Using moisturizers containing Vitamin C helps to reduce tanning.


The DermDoc 20% Vitamin C face serum is a good option that you can try. It cuts down on the production of melanin and facilitates the removal of hyperpigmentation, thereby preventing tanning.


  1. Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid percolates into the deeper layers of the skin and inhibits melanogenesis, the process of synthesis of melanin. Thus, it helps by reducing the production of excess melanin and preventing tanning. So, if you want to tackle the problem of tanning, starting with Kojic Acid is an option that can work magically. 


If you want to get your hands on a good Kojic Acid product, DermDoc has something to offer. Get your hands on the 2% Kojic Acid Face Serum by DermDoc that enables the reduction of dark spots and treats sun damage.


  1. Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid works like magic by targeting dead skin cells and removing them. Thus, it makes the skin look brighter and more radiant. The only thing that you should keep in mind is that Glycolic Acid can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, using it with good sunscreen is a must.


For starters, you can shop for the 5% Glycolic Acid Face Toner by DermDoc to prevent tanning and make your skin look smoother and brighter. You can follow up with Dermdoc’s UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Gel to avoid the risk of sun damage. 


Remember to take these steps


The simplest and easiest way to prevent sun tan is by avoiding stepping out in the sun. But this is inevitable. Thus, you should try to inculcate products that can help you reverse the effects of sun tan. A good sunscreen is the best way to start. You can gradually step up by getting your hands on skincare products with ingredients such as Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Glycolic Acid.


Before trying out a new skincare product, make sure that you don’t forget to consult a dermatologist. Also, doing a patch test before switching to that product is highly recommended.


DermDoc has a diverse range of products for you to explore. From sunscreens to moisturizers, we have it all. So what is stopping you today? Do some research, read some more blogs on this topic and delve into DermDoc’s amazing range of products and shop right away. 

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