How To Layer Your Skincare Products

How To Layer Your Skincare Products



In today's world, where different skincare products are flooding the market, it is essential to pick the products that work best for you. What remains unknown is the scientific fact that the product combination is as important as the products. Most dermatologists and skincare experts trust the science behind combining various ingredients and products to suggest the best skin solution.


Why skincare experts talk about layering your products?


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The growing skincare market has two sides: one that values the science behind the products and the other that talks about skincare myths and misleading skincare practices. Therefore, it is important to focus on the scientific formulation of products and the order in which they must be used.

Here is why layering your skincare products is essential:

  • Proper layering of skincare products helps your skin barrier repair by itself.

  • The right combination of products can adapt to your skin and help combat specific problems like acne, open pores, etc.

  • Following the correct order in the skincare routine can help the products penetrate the skin and work faster.


A step-by-step guide to layering your products


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From the viral Korean skincare routine to the basic 4-step routine, the rule for layering skincare is pretty simple. It all starts with a good face wash and ends with proper sun protection. What you choose to add in between these steps is what determines the effectiveness of layering the various products you use. 

Step 1: Start clean with a cleanser

Over the night, our skin is prone to dirt, oil, and more. This does not enable proper skin barrier repair and nourishment. So, you must start layering with a cleanser like Dermdoc face wash with salicylic acid that goes deep into the pores to remove excess oil and clean out clogged pores caused by exposure to pollution and lifestyle changes. Salicylic acid in products like this face wash works well for people with oily, acne-prone skin. On the other hand, people with dry skin can opt for niacinamide-based formulas that retain the skin's moisture and minimise open pores.


Step 2: Treat your skin problems with special skin solutions

A cleansed skin is fresh and ready to seize the benefits of special skin treatments. Prep your skin with products curated for specific skin concerns like the Dermdoc Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask which improves blood circulation and locks in moisture to nourish dry or wrinkled skin. Common sheet mask ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides, etc. work at the skin barrier level to improve the absorption of active ingredients, forming the perfect second layer for your skincare products.


Step 3: Include a base for nourishment

A face serum plays a significant role in imparting a fresh, natural look to the skin. It softens the skin and nourishes it from the inside out to help create an excellent base for other products. Two serums can also be mixed to get desired results—but ensure that you choose the right combinations. Remember not to mix powerful formulas like retinol with vitamin C, AHA/BHA and benzoyl peroxide. These are best suited as standalone products, such as the Dermdoc serum with 0.1% retinol, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Such concentrated serums can also create a smooth layer for the finishing touches of moisturiser and sunscreen—or even makeup.


Step 4: Don't forget to lock the moisture within your skin


Without a moisturizer, the dewy base of the serum is incomplete. Dermdoc 1% Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face cream can make your skin well-hydrated and youthful looking. A moisturizer plays an important role in repairing the skin barrier by strengthening it, so ensure that you choose the one right for you.

  • Oil-based moisturizer: Suitable for all skin types

  • Gel moisturizer: Ideal for oily and combination skin types

  • Retinol moisturizer: Suitable for mature skin type

Step 5: Protect your skin with a sunblock

The perfect skincare regimen is not effective without a good layer of protection. Make sure your layers stay put with a good sunscreen like Dermdoc Sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA +++. While such gel-based formulas are best suited for oily skin, the widely available cream-based formulas are perfect for every other skin type, like normal or dry skin. Make sure you choose products that promise zero white cast. In this way, you can ensure perfection in the topmost layer of your skincare regimen.


Special recommendations 

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Layering your skincare products can sound highly scientific and complicated. Here is how you can simplify it with key recommendations from skincare experts:
  • Start light. Use products with light density in the first few steps and gradually turn to dense products with a thick or creamy consistency.


Woman using a gel-based product as a layer


  • Make sure that the products aren't blocked. Avoid adding an oil-based product before a water-based one since the oil may clog the skin pores and restrict the absorption of the new ingredients added in the next layer.

  • Balance the pH of your skin. Include a product like the Dermdoc pH Rebalance Gel Cleanser to avoid the harmful effects of free radicals and ageing resulting from improper pH.

  • Maintain a moisturised skin layer throughout. Do not overdo it either. Remember that there is a fine line between a "dewy look" and a "greasy look."


Layering your skincare products in the right way can bring a significant change to your skin health. Include science-backed skincare practices to address your concerns and improve your skin to give it a healthy and natural glow. Explore scientifically sound formulas of the DermDoc products and learn more about skincare here.

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