Everything Women Need To Know About Intimate Care

Everything Women Need To Know About Intimate Care

Intimate hygiene is as important as maintaining your body hygiene. If you have ever faced discomfort during periods, the topic of intimate care is important for you. Maintaining intimate hygiene not only helps in staying fresh during menstruation but also saves you from future complications. Poor intimate hygiene affects your vaginal health, sex drive, fertility, and the ability to reach or the intensity of orgasm. Using the right products will save you from such future complications.

In the following sections, you will discover the features that make a product the best intimate wash for women. Also, the tips listed in this article will equip you with the knowledge to keep infections and bacteria away from your sensitive area.


What is intimate hygiene?


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As kids, you were taught the basic rules of maintaining hygiene. However, many people grow up to become adults who confuse the concepts of regular and intimate hygiene. The regimen you follow for other parts of your body differs from the one that the intimate region demands. As the skin in that region is more sensitive than the rest of the body, the products used in that area must be unique to its requirements. The easiest way to keep unhealthy bacterial and fungal infections from developing in this region is cleaning.

Your intimate parts demand special care only a professional product can offer. But, why is the upkeep of this part so important that we must pay special attention to it? Let's see.


Why is intimate hygiene important? 

Sensitive areas of your body are harder to manage as they are more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections than any other region. Also, vaginal discharge and menstruation increase discomfort in the sensitive area, which ultimately affects your mood. In rare cases, the reason behind these problems is an underlying disease. But, generally, the upkeep of your intimate area is enough to deal with most of these concerns.

Why is intimate care important for women? 

  • Keeps bacterial and fungal infections at bay: This is one of the obvious reasons compelling you to clean your intimate areas. It is generally said that dirt and diseases fail to find a breeding ground in clean places. This is true in the case of your body as well. Sweat and moisture enable bacterial growth in the intimate region. Taking care of these concerns will give you a clean and hygienic intimate area. Using the best intimate wash for women would help you deal with this concern in the most effective manner. 

  • Guards against odour: Bacteria are the main contributing factor to foul odour in intimate areas. If you seem to develop an odour in this sensitive region, contact your doctor to find out the cause. However, in general cases, regular cleaning of the area can help guard it against foul odour.


Tips to take care of intimate parts


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Knowing and following certain measures regularly is the key to maintaining your intimate hygiene. The following tips will help you in taking the best care of the most sensitive area of your body. These tips are easy to follow even if you have a busy lifestyle.

  • Regular cleaning: Do not forget to clean your private parts while bathing. To maintain the pH levels of this sensitive area, you must use the best intimate wash for women such as the DermDoc pH Rebalance Wash. As the nature of the skin in this area is different, the products used for this region must also have a unique formulation.

    DermDoc Intimate Wash is made by experts for all skin types. The product contains 1.2% lactic acid to gently remove the agents causing bacterial and fungal infections. It effectively moisturizes the area which makes your sensitive part free from itchiness and irritation. The best feature of any intimate care product is its ability to be used during menstruation. This intimate wash carries the potential to safely clean the region even during periods.

  • Wearing clean undergarments: Wearing the same clothes for more than 24 hours permits the accumulation of sweat and moisture. This results in discomfort in the form of irritation, distraction, darker intimate region, and infections. Clean your undergarments properly and allow them to dry thoroughly under the sun. Any form of moisture on them can result in irritation in the private area.

  • Always clean up after intercourse: If you allow body fluids to stay, they might get stagnant and cause urinary tract infections. Clean your private parts after intercourse using an intimate wash. However, you must always avoid using scented products in that region. These products may change the pH of your vagina and cause diseases in the long run.


Additional tips for maintaining intimate hygiene are listed below.

  • Clothing: Wear undergarments made of natural fibres like cotton. They help in absorbing moisture to keep you clean and fresh throughout the day. This piece of clothing must neither be too loose nor too tight, it should fit your body perfectly to maintain the right temperature of the intimate region.

  • Intimate care products: You must also refrain from using soap for cleaning your intimate region as it disturbs the pH of the skin. Douching (washing the internal vagina by spraying a mixture of fluids) must also be strictly avoided. The mixture of fluids can result in several health problems like vaginal infections.

  • Menstrual hygiene: You must take special care of your intimate area during menstruation. Change your sanitary product (menstrual cup, tampon, or sanitary napkin) every 4–6 hours. Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough water to wash off the toxins in your body through urination. The intimate parts must be kept clean as frequently as possible using unscented products like an intimate wash.



Intimate care is a complex topic if not understood properly. By now, you must be able to distinguish between regular and intimate hygiene. Products like the DermDoc Intimate Wash come with professionally curated ingredients that the sensitive region demands. Using the best intimate wash for women like this product while following the basic hygiene tips will keep you fresh and happy throughout the day. Some of the tips include regular cleaning of the area, wearing clean undergarments, and always remembering to clean up after intercourse.


For more information regarding the best practices for feminine hygiene, visit DermDoc's website. You will come across the best intimate care products along with some highly informative blogs on the topic.

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