5 Big Skincare No-Nos

5 Big Skincare No-Nos

Everyone wants their skin to be healthy, radiant and beautiful. But that doesn’t come easily, does it? From consulting dermatologists to experimenting with skincare products, there is a lot that goes behind curating a skincare regime that works wonders specifically for your skin.

In this process of putting together a good skincare routine, we sometimes end up using products that entail harmful chemicals for the skin. But these troubles can all be avoided by opting for skin care products and knowing what ingredients to avoid in skincare.

Nonetheless, there are a few skincare don’ts that are common for every skin type. No matter what skincare regime you are following, here are the five big skincare no-no’s that you must always keep in mind.

Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid 

  1. Not cleansing your skin every day



Cleansing is the first step to healthy skin



Cleansing is the first and foremost step of a skincare routine. Thus, avoiding it or not doing it enough can make your skin prone to more issues than one. Cleansing helps in removing the dirt and grime that gets accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Without this basic step, there is a high chance of such impurities percolating into your skin and causing damage.

Before buying a cleanser, ensure that it's free of any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin barrier. Moreover, make sure that you consult a dermatologist to understand your skin and its requirements in a better way and get an idea of the ingredients you should avoid.

Picking a cleanser that suits your skin type is a must. Based on what your skin needs, you can go with gel-based or cream-based cleansers. Opting for DermDoc's skincare products that are sulfate and paraben free can help you kickstart your cleansing journey the right way. DermDoc’s 4% Niacinamide Face Wash helps in minimizing enlarged pores and strengthen the skin barrier. For those looking out for a cleanser for acne-prone skin, our 2% Salicylic Acid Face Wash can work wonders.

  1.  Stop picking on your pimples

No matter how tempting it feels to pick on pimples and get rid of them immediately, it is a harmful habit. Popping pimples and other skin blemishes can cause problems such as infection and make the problem even worse.

Moreover, this leaves a larger probability of acne, leaving marks that are not easy to get rid of. Therefore, when you get a pimple or any such skin issue next time, try opting for skincare products that help you calm it down instead of popping it. You can also consult a skin expert to know more about the ingredients that you should avoid in your skincare.

Salicylic acid is a proven ingredient for acne-prone skin. It helps in soothing your acne and cleaning the pores deeply. If you are looking out for a good salicylic acid-based product, DermDoc has an amazing option. Try out the 2% Salicylic Acid Face Wash and the 2% Salicylic Acid Face Serum to give acne a tough fight.

  1. Skipping out on moisturization is a strict no


Well-hydrated skin is healthy skin


Moisturization is an essential step in every skincare regime. Hydration gives the skin a natural glow and keeps it healthy. Therefore, do not skip out on moisturizer no matter what. Without proper hydration, the skin tends to feel dry, itchy, and rough.

People with oily skin tend to feel the need to avoid moisturizers. But this, in turn, escalates the problem. You need to pick out the right moisturizers that enhance your skin and keep it hydrated. Try choosing skincare products that are free of chemicals harmful to the skin such as sulfates and parabens.

You can get your hands on DermDoc’s affordable, trusted and good-quality moisturizers. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are two ingredients that help in moisturizing the skin deeply. For starters, the 1% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Cream and the 4% Niacinamide Day Cream are some great options by DermDoc.  

  1. Not making toners your best buddy

Toners are the most underrated skincare products. With regular use, they can do magic to your skin. So if you are avoiding using toners, it could be a big mistake. Toners are refreshing skin care products that help in tightening pores, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and evening out your skin tone.

You can use toners once or twice every day. If you are someone who faces the problems of clogged pores and dryness, toners can be your best friend. They make the skin feel hydrated and help in the removal of dead skin cells to a great extent, making your skin look radiant.

But before buying one for yourself, make sure that the toner is free of harmful chemicals such as sulfates. Moreover, avoid ingredients like alcohol in your skincare to prevent it from getting rough and dry.

DermDoc has a wide range of toners for you to explore. If you want a toner that can help you with enlarged pores, the 4% Niacinamide Face Toner works amazingly.

  1. Ignoring SPF is a blunder 


Skipping out on sunscreen is a big mistake



SPF, SPF, SPF! This is one term that every skin expert emphasizes. The reason is its importance in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Exposure to sun rays can cause skin issues such as sunburns and premature ageing of the skin. 

The UVB rays can cause sunburns while the UVA rays can result in premature ageing of the skin. Therefore, make sure that even if you are not getting out of your home you do not forget to include sunscreen in your morning skincare regime. Doing this facilitates the protection of your skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen not just on your face but also throughout the body and you will surely observe the difference. Do not forget to reapply sunscreen every 2–3 hours.

If you are looking out for good sunscreens, the DermDoc UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Gel Cream entails SPF 50 and PA+++ and is a great sunscreen to start with.

Keep The Don’ts In Mind

Putting together a cohesive skincare routine isn’t a task if you follow the right steps. But what can come in handy is keeping a few important do's and don’ts in mind. Take your time, consult your dermatologist, do your research and understand your skin before delving into a wide array of skincare products.

DermDoc is a brand that has good quality and affordable skincare buddies for you. If you are just starting your journey with skin care, check our products out and pick what works best for you.

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