3 Winter Skincare Essentials You Need to Stock Up On

3 Winter Skincare Essentials You Need to Stock Up On

‘Tis the season to be jolly, the time of frost and hot drinks. But while you’re cuddling indoors in cosy blankets, remember that this time is an absolute shock for your skin, because it’s getting stripped of all its natural moisture thanks to the harsh, cold winds and the lack of humidity in the air. 

In such times, you have to double down on winter skincare essentials and switch up your routine to acclimatise your skin to the shock of the cold weather. 

This season can be especially harsh for you if you have dry skin. So, let’s discuss the 3 winter skincare essentials that you absolutely must have to get your skin in shape this season. 

  • Sunscreen 

    Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the ultraviolet rays don’t reach you! 

    You might think sunscreen is only important in the winters. But it’s actually needed in every season, because we orbit the sun year-round, thanks to which of course sun rays reach us year-round! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the harm and damage done by ultraviolet rays can just be negated.

    If you are a science buff, you will know that sunscreen all year round is a must as skin cancer is a very, very real threat.

     Sunscreen is important in all weathers, cold, rainy or hot. Sunscreen for dry skin need to be specialised as a lot of the times the sunscreen may have certain UV blockers that will dry the skin out and leech out all moisture. Sunscreen for dry skin will solve this problem as it is formulated to suit those with a natural lack of moisture in their skin. 

    DermDoc recommends the following sunscreen for dry skin: UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Sun Protection Gel Cream with SPF 50 & PA+++. It is good for dry skin as it gives the skin a dewy, moisturised glow, and high protection from the sun. Most other physical sunscreens also deliver an unpleasant white cast, which this one manages to avoid altogether. 

    • Moisturisers & Serums

      An absolute no-brainer for the winter season, face cream for dry skin as well as creme body lotion are the ultimate winter skincare essentials. But nourishing serums and face gels are often overlooked as a source of hydration. They are perfect for oilier skin that might feel bogged down and clogged with heavier face cream for dry skin.

      A creme body lotion really comes in handy: it keeps your skin supple and healthy with rich, moisturising elements like ceramides and squalane. 

      Ceramides are a type of fatty acid (lipid) commonly found in skin cells (typically the outer layer, known as the epidermis) and they help your skin retain the moisture it has. They basically form a barrier between your skin and the rest of the world. They even protect it from germs! 

      Similarly, squalene is also a lipid that’s naturally produced by the skin cells but its production declines as the body ages. So, the older you are, the less squalene you are likely to produce. This is a problem because it helps prevent the process of ages and it helps keep the skin plump and moisturised. 

      We recommend this product that incorporates both these ingredients and will help your skin flourish this winter: Ceramides, Squalene and Vitamin E Deep Moisturising Creme Body Lotion.

      For facial skin, please remember that you can’t just slap on whatever cream you use on the rest of your body! It is likely not formulated for more sensitive facial skin. It can lead to bad reactions, and must be avoided. 

      Keeping that in mind, DermDoc recommends this face cream for dry-normal skin: 1% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Cream. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced in our bodies, and it helps lubricate our bones and joints. When used on skin, it has an incredibly moisturising effect and helps the moisture stay locked in. 

      If you have a more oily skin texture, you might not want to use a face cream for dry - normal skin, as it is likely to be heavier and feel sticky and uncomfortable. In such a case, DermDoc recommends 2% Hyaluronic Acid Face Gel. It uses the same hero ingredient, but it is formulated as a gel, which means that it is lighter on the skin while still helping you lock in that moisture that is so essential. 

      When it comes to serums, they have a very concentrated percentage of the hero ingredient, so they are typically quite light on the skin in terms of absorption but offer the same or a higher level of benefits. 

      An affordable serum DermDoc recommends would be 100% Pure Squalene Oil based Face Serum (which would be more suited for drier skin types as oil is a very heavy moisturising ingredient and might be clogging for oilier skin types), as well as the Skin Plumping Face Serum with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid.


      • Cleansers

        Not just a winter skincare essential, cleansers are necessary to maintain basic skin hygiene in any season. But keeping in mind the demands of the colder seasons, having a special facewash for winter is necessary. 

        The best face wash for dry skin would ideally not strip the skin of its natural oils. This is exactly what DermDoc recommended Skin Glowing Face wash with Alpha Arbutin is able to accomplish. 

        Alpha arbutin is an antioxidant that helps revitalise the skin and sort of helps set a refresh button. The formulation of the face wash itself is also very refreshing, and is perfect for daily use for those that have an issue with that “squeaky clean” feeling at the end of a shower, which– guess what– isn’t an actual indicator of a clean face but rather a warning sign by your skin that it’s too dry because all of its oils have been stripped away by a harsh soap or face wash! 

        Now that you have this handy list of winter skincare essentials, we wish you all the best with your skincare shopping. Remember, hydration and moisturisation are key! 

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